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Separating content from structure

Drupal websites that allow users to create content provide a challenge for development. When a copy of the main site is used for development, users can create new content. Then, if the developers copy the devel website to live, the user-created content is overwritten.

There should exist automated ways of using drush to copy the structure and configuration of the development website to the live site, but not mess with the content. We have struggled with how to do this.

I believe that a session on this topic would be of great use to the drupal community.

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Drupal Views Magic

Show how to create complicated ( or at least more interesting) views for Drupal

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What's new in Drupal 8?

It's all the buzz, D8 is out! Woo Hoo! But what does that mean for me, as the site owner, the site admin, or theme designer? In this discussion we would talk about how Drupal 8 is different from Drupal 7, both the good and the bad. We would also talk about when is the right time to migrate an existing Drupal site, and when is Drupal 8 really fully operational for site development. This would be more at the site builder level rather than a deep dive into the code-level changes.

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